NIC vows to deal with producers of fake motor insurance stickers

NIC vows to deal with producers of fake motor insurance stickers

The National Insurance Commission, NIC, has vowed to clamp down on persons still engaged in the production of fake Motor Insurance stickers.

The Commission says these activities do not only violate its laws, but also put the lives of motorists and other persons at risk.

The NIC estimates that about 40 percent of vehicles on the roads are either not insured or are having fake insurance, hence the introduction of the Motor Insurance Database in January this year to deal with the menace.

However, some persons are still engaged in the illegality.

The Commission teamed up with the police to arrest a 24-year old man suspected to be part of a syndicate producing fake motor insurance stickers in Kumasi, the Commissioner of Insurance, Justice Ofori, said the NIC will keep working to sanitize the industry.

“This is an indication that the Commission is not resting, despite the introduction of the Motor Insurance database. We know that there are bad guys out there and whatever you do they will try to undermine it. The Kumasi operation was successful, and we are ready to embark on a similar operation anywhere in the country”he noted.

“We are working so much with the MTTD and we believe that with such a collaboration it will take us far so my advice to the bad guys is that they should stay out of this business. We are here to protect the insured and the general public and we would do whatever it takes to get this done” he stressed.

This year, the Commission has caused the arrests of a number of people issuing fake motor insurance stickers. These include the arrest of the Insurance Agent, 72-year old Nana Kodua Marfoh for submitting fake documents to the Kumasi Area Office of the National Insurance Commission (NIC).

Two Agents of MILLENNIUM INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED have also been arrested for possessing fake ALLIANZ INSURANCE sticker booklets also at the premises of the same Kumasi DVLA Office.

The NIC Motor Insurance Database

The Motor Insurance Database (MID) was implemented on January 1, 2020 with the objective to curb the menace of some unscrupulous persons issuing fake motor insurance to unsuspecting members of the general public thus endangering lives and property.

Currently, a total of 333,467 newly issued electronic stickers have been already captured on the MID portal since its implementation in January this year.


To Verify the Validity of your Motor Insurance

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