NIC launches Complaints Management System

NIC launches Complaints Management System

The National Insurance Commission (NIC) launched the Complaints Management System (CMS) where policyholders can access the online system meant to enhance client satisfaction in the insurance industry.

The objective of the Complaints Management System is to enhance fair customer treatment through an automated, seamless, interactive and easy process that allows the public to have real time access to the NIC without physically being present at any of its offices across the country. The Complaints Management System went live on 1st of February, 2024.

In his keynote address and declaration of the software launch, the Acting Commissioner of Insurance, Mr. Michael Kofi Andoh called on insurance companies to have systems in place to attend to clients’ needs. This will definitely result in ultimate client satisfaction and trust among members of the insuring public. He also mentioned “when people lodge their complaints and they don’t hear anything [from insurance companies], we don’t tell them anything, they go and come, some of them travel from their villages and come every day and they don’t seem to get any response from anybody, and you see, it gives us such a bad image”, he bemoaned. He also indicated that notwithstanding the introduction of the CMS, policyholders can go to someone high up in the particular insurance company for the needed attention to be paid to them. “Chief Executive Officers of insurance companies and intermediaries are to be responsive to utilize the system to their benefit”, he urged.

In his remarks, the Chairman of Insurance Awareness Coordinators’ Group (IACG), Mr. Wilson Tei stated that most of the complaints made by policyholders are minor issues which could have been resolved easily if such complaints got to higher levels of insurance companies rather than leaving customer service in the hands of front desk officers. This trend therefore undermines the quality of service that insurance companies are supposed to provide.

The CMS can be accessed through the Commission’s website via or After a complaint is submitted, a complainant receives a system-generated text message containing a ticket number. Complainants will have real time notification of the stage of their claims and complaint.