Grievances & Complaints

Complaint Procedure

The National Insurance Commission as part of its mandate to enhance fair customer treatment has developed a comprehensive Complaints Management System to automate the complaints handling procedure of the Commission.
Kindly access the complaints portal at
  1. Write a formal letter addressed to the Commissioner of Insurance, or call personally at the offices of the Commission.
  2. The petition should state briefly the reasons for the complaint.
  3. Copies of the following documents (in the case of a motor claim) should accompany the complaint:
    • a) Police report
    • b) Medical report
    • c) Two passport size photographs authenticated by a medical officer.
    • d) Letter of Administration (L A) in a claim on behalf of a deceased.
    • e) Any communication between complainant and the insurance company concerned.
    • f) All other areas of complaint must be accompanied with the relevant documents.